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My wife regularly paid $4.79 in the 2006 summer season in the New York City area.

The Navy's ship planning process, regarding oil- vs. nuclear-powered cruisers, from years past when oil was under 50 bucks, looked at the potential oil cost of 80-250+ per barrel.
Makes a big difference in lifetime ship costs.

So, very expensive oil is certainly a future possibility.

Until the people wake up and demand an end to PC-driven "leadership" that on the one hand thinks it would be good to increase costs and decrease US competitiveness by the utterly idiotic carbon-credit mass insanity/con job, and on the other hand drill more oil wells off our coasts and on our lands and build a few new refineries, we will continue wailing and gnashing our teeth.

I place much of the blame on Kissinger and his boy RM Nixon who "opened" China, and subsequent administrations and congresses and businessmen who opened the doors to moving our manufacturing base to the land of 10 cent labor in order for their lobbyist friends to make a quick billion or ten.

The most serious shortage we have in our nation is strong, smart, principled leadership.

As we've seen on other threads here, 4000+ LB. truck used car demand is also spiraling downward. Those who want to get out from under their big honkers are finding themselves in positions similar to the folks who bypassed the normal mortgage vetting process for the quick n easy, grasshopper vs. ant nonplanning way.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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