Late last year, GM issues a recall on more than 900,000 of its new Sierra and Silverado pickups, globally. Now, a new problem may have arisen as a result of the solution to the first.

The Detroit Free Press reports that some 1,600 owners of 2019-2020 Chevrolet and GMC trucks have complained to GM about electronic brake failure after a dealer performed the GM-issued recall.

The Detroit Free Press spoke to one owner who said his electronic brake system failed on January 4th with his child in the truck. Fortunately, they were only traveling at 15 mph and the owner could slow the truck down by standing on the brakes, but worries what could have happened if they'd been traveling any faster.

The problem appears to be that the fix from the recall can cause a disruption to the electronic brake control module if the vehicle is started via the OnStar App. A new repair to the software will be applied to the vehicles.

"We're very confident in this fix," said spokesman Dan Flores, who added that the trucks will be safe to drive after the revised repair is completed.

The original issue arose in December 2019, affecting Silverados, Sierras, and Cadillac CT6s, too (everything above applies to the CT6). The issue was a software glitch that could effectively disable the ABS and ECS systems. The fix suggested at the time was simply for an engineer to reflash the vehicle software.