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Originally posted by stewacide@May 13 2004, 08:23 PM
How much longer can GM get away with selling Deawoos under the Chevy and Suzuki names? The Suzuki brand and dealership network is too weak in the US, while there's way too much overlap with Chevy's lineup (e.g. what makes this different than the Equinox, other than a slightly lower price likely?)

Perhapse it's time to think about re-introduceing Suzuki to the US, or perhapse start selling them as Saturns (but then how will we get Opels!?!)u
GM doesn't have much control over Suzuki...they're independent companies. GM owns about 20% of Suzuki, which makes them a major shareholder but little else.

Daewoo products sold in the US don't over lap between the Chevrolets and the Suzukis. Suzuki has the compact and mid-sized Daewoos while Chevrolet has the subcompact model. If you're looking for overlap with Chevrolet products, why not look at Saturn and/or Pontiac? They're a little closer to the heart...and something GM has control over.

And Suzuki has a right to Daewoo products since they're also a major shareholder in GM DAT.
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