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GM unit Opel sees German market share up in '04

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GM unit Opel sees German market share up in '04
Reuters, 04.16.04, 1:47 PM ET
FRANKFURT, April 16 (Reuters) -

General Motors Corp's German unit Adam Opel AG expects to increase its share of the domestic market this year, the company said on Friday.

"The market share of the Opel brand in Germany will improve to 11 percent from 10.3 percent this year," a spokesman for Opel said.

He added that the company expected a rise in the overall car market for west, central and eastern Europe -- including Russia -- by around 500,000 units to 20 million vehicles in 2004.

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Probably because of the awesome Astra. I think this will be the end of Opel losses. :D
Good to see Opel is going up. They've got awesome cars which I wish were here stateside instead of some of our very own domestics. *cough*cough*malibumaxx*cough*cough* LOL
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