The latest news from the GM-UAW negotiating table is good: the two sides may have finally reached a contract deal.

According to Reuters, sources briefed on the negotiations said that a tentative contract agreement could be announced tomorrow, which would ultimately signify that an end to the strike is near.

If the deal is announced tomorrow, the GM national council will vote on whether or not to send the nearly 46,000 hourly employees back to work. The council could, alternatively, opt to continue striking until the deal is signed.

The report went on to say that Is must be dotted and Ts crossed, but the announcement would be a relief for both sides in the longest strike against one of the big three since 1970.

Reports indicate that GM CEO Mary Barra and President Mark Reuss were in attendance at negotiations this morning, which was itself a good omen.

GM has yet to comment on the reported deal, though, and a spokesperson told Automotive News that talks are ongoing.

If the deal ends up holding, though, it will be good news for both sides. With the UAW required to dip into its reserve to pay striking workers and GM reportedly losing billions and delaying the production of a number of projects, both sides will be eager to get back to work.

The terms of the reported deal are not yet known but come on the heels of a UAW counterproposal that was handed back to GM on Friday. The potential is good news and follows accusations from both sides that the other was delaying negotiations.