The Hummer EV is supposed to be unveiled on May 20 and we here have our first hint of what GM is thinking. The automaker has filed a "Hummer" logo with the US patent office.

The new logo, uncovered by Carbuzz, is simple script that spells out "HUMMER." The actual logo has already appeared on the grille in the teaser shot we were given when GMC first announced the Hummer. This trademark gives us a better look at it in isolation, though.

Distinguishing it from previous generations is the font, which cuts the Ms off in the bottom left corners and is generally a little more stylized. Although the look doesn't change vastly, it does give the logo a more modern appearance.

The Hummer, in case you forgot, will be sold as a GMC and will be offered as both a pickup and an SUV. GM is promising 400 miles of range and fast charging thanks to an 800V fast-charging option.

With one, two, and three motor options available, the Hummer will be able to make gobs of power and allegedly accelerate to 60 mph in just three seconds.

As of publication, the reveal date of May 20 still stands, so we'll look forward to finding out more as the date approaches.