GM has just trademarked the name Bolt EUV, and if our guesses are correct that means there's going to be a Chevy Bolt crossover coming.

The trademark, with a filing of April 9 and discovered by GM Authority, is for "Bolt EUV" for use on automobiles. Now we're making some assumptions here, aware that means we could be making an E out of U and V, but we think we're on the right track.

That assumption is that there's going to be a Chevy Bolt crossover. Bolt Electric Utility Vehicle has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

GM has already said they have plans for more Chevy EVs. That was part of the $300M announcement for the automaker's Lake Orion plant made last month. That's where the Bolt EV (or maybe we should call it the Bolt Hatchback Electric Vehicle) is put together.

It could also mean that GM is planning for the Chevrolet electric lineup to use the Bolt brand. Much like BMW with i and Volkswagen with I.D.