General Motors looks to be investigating more subscription services, as the brand has trademarked the name "DriveScription."

The name has been filed under the Goods and Services banner and applies to "Automotive subscription services; motor vehicle rental services; motor vehicle sharing services, namely, providing temporary use of motor vehicles."

The trademark was uncovered by GM Authority and implies that something similar to Book by Cadillac will be coming to GM's other brands.

Since no brand name is associated with the trademark, it's hard to know just which one will be included in the service, though it does allow for the possibility that this will be a GM-wide service (with the likely exception of Cadillac).

Alternatively, GM could be setting itself up to launch autonomous services for the Cruise AV whenever it's ready for customers.

Book by Cadillac costs $1,800/month and gives you access to any Cadillac you like. You can switch, free of additional charge, up 18 times per year. So you can have an Escalade for your ski trip and an ATS-V for your anniversary dinner.

[source: GM Authority]