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I think it's a smart idea.
The country is not in a recession, despite what people continue to state. The current numbers just don't point to it.

What we are seeing is a fundamental market shift. Due to high inflation and higher costs of doing business, companies are starting to trim back in certain areas. Companies like Amazon and Meta, which hired excessively during the pandemic are not seeing the need for the additional headcount and are trimming back. Amazon had offered voluntary separation. My buddy took one; albeit stupidly, IMHO.

GM may be cutting certain positions but hiring in others where there is greater need for headcount (i.e. software engineering). It's a smart move that better positions GM.

Being laid off sucks. I've gone thru it twice in my career. I went back to school the first time. The second time (in 2020) was a special case. I had handcuffs, so I couldn't be let go until after a certain time, and my payout was significant. So, even if I couldn't find a job immediately (a real prospect given the unknown nature of the pandemic mid-2020), I would actually be OK for several years. Thankfully, I got hired into a FAANG almost immediately but chose to leave last year because I operationally, I think they were burying themselves hiring the wrong people.
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