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Sorry to hear about the layoffs...but don't blame me: I just bought a 2015 Sonic LS with zero options! Hand-crank windows baby!

I tried a Cruze LS (with same 1.8L) which looked great but the Sonic was more fun to drive I thought. I just got the car but the Sonic is great so far. Amazing how easy new cars are to shift, very smooth. I've never owned an automatic car, I don't plan to start now. We'll see how she holds up. I bought my last car 11 years ago...I tend to buy and hold.

I found the seats comfortable and the trunk roomy for a small car. With back seats down 2x4s should be no-problem.

I admit a pile of GM Card dollars sealed the deal, otherwise I might have picked up a used Subaru in the $10K range. (My old Subaru won't last too long but hey she's still going.) So many thanks to GM Card.

I'm must glad the radio has an Aux port for my first-generation iPod! High-tech! (I'm joking.)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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