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So Sonic sales are good YOY and Verano needs a mild refresh. GM's answer - layoffs and reduced capacity!!

The Sonic can stay a good seller with some content increases and special models. If GM made a LT1 level Sonic Sport with alloy rims, fog lights, and the Sun & Sound package for ~$18-19K they could actually increase volume. Keep up the funky color special edition models too. Also consider swapping out the 1.8L engine for the new family of Ecotec engines sooner (i.e. 2016) versus later (2020 if GM is normal GM).

The Verano didn't get the 2015 tweaks that the sister Cruze got. I don't understand why GM still makes 2.4L engines for just this and the Theta twins. Do a mild refresh with 2.5L and update the center stack and trim materials and be done with it until the next generation comes along. Verano is still nicer than competitors like the ILS by a big chunk of change. Spend a little to get a lot here GM!!
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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