GM wants you to say okay to Google as it announces that it will integrate Google Voice Assistant and Google Navigation into all of its vehicles as of 2021.

"Listening to customer feedback, GM will work with Google to bring new options for a voice assistant, embedded navigation and in-vehicle applications to compatible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles in regions around the world beginning in 2021," the automaker said. "Broad deployment across all GM vehicle brands is expected to roll out in the years following."

GM argues that what people really want when they get into their car is for things to work seamlessly, so instead of forcing them to contend with a new, GM-designed navigation system or speech-control technology, the company will instead just use the system that Google already worked hard on.

Why Android? Well, as of Q4 2018, Android devices are the preferred device of Americans-and they make up 76% of the worldwide market.

That doesn't mean that GM won't have any apps of its own, says Santiago Chamorro, VP of global connected customer experience. GM will continue to work on infotainment apps that recommend services, inform you about your car's health, and allow for in-vehicle commerce.

"We are re-envisioning the future in-vehicle customer experience, and this is just the first step," said Chamorro. "The integration of select Google technology and services into our vehicle infotainment systems will foster a more connected and efficient driving experience."