The future is electric, says GM, so why bother with a stopgap? That's according to Mark Reuss, who recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

Reuss argues that electric vehicles are a richer area of investment than hybrids in the interview, suggesting that GM will instead focus on pure EVs.

"If I had a dollar more to invest, would I spend it on a hybrid? Or would I spend it on the answer that we all know is going to happen, and get there faster and better than anybody else," said Reuss.

That will be good news for Cadillac, which revealed in Detroit that it would be leading GM's electric push. At the time, it revealed an electric concept that it said would lead not only GM but the industry as a whole.

In focusing on electric cars, GM is joining Volkswagen in focusing on pure electric vehicles, at the expense of hybrids. Volkswagen, though, made its decision after the diesel gate scandal. As WSJ notes, other industry leaders, like Toyota and Ford, still see hybrids as crucial parts of their lineup.