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GM to Fix 'Leap Year' Software Glitch in Pontiac
Mar 22,12:18 PM ET

DETROIT (Reuters) - What day is it? Don't ask the driver of General Motors Corp.'s Pontiac Grand Prix.

Due to a software glitch, the computer display in the 2004 model year Grand Prix shows the wrong day of the week, Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson said on Monday. Engineers overlooked the fact that 2004 is a leap year, with an extra day,

"Somehow or other, the fact that this was a leap year got missed," Hopson said. "We are working on a solution."

GM may be able to fix the problem by resetting the software. A more costly solution could include replacing the display unit, he said.

The redesigned Grand Prix went on sale last March, and all models since then could potentially be affected by the glitch, Hopson said.

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