General Motors has pledged to donate $10 million to organizations that promote racial justice. The donations will start with $1 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Where the other nine million goes will be determined with the help of GM's Employee Resource Groups and the recently-announced Inclusion Advisory Board. The board is chaired by Mary Barra, CEO of GM, and consists of leaders from within and outside the company working to make GM a more inclusive place to work.

"Through today's donations, GM is taking action in helping root out intolerance - and that means racism, bigotry, discrimination and any other form of hatred," said Barra. "We want to be part of meaningful, deliberate change and we will not allow ourselves the passivity of urging others to act. We are taking action."

The program encourages employees to make donations to organizations by matching those contributions as part of the $10 million allocated for these donations.

If the recent protests around America have you feeling inclined to donate to racial justice causes, there are a number of cases that need your help. Here are just a few.

Black Lives Matter

The National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program

Louisville Community Bail Fund

The Anti-Police Terror Fund

And many more