Despite the consternation stirred up by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump over Ford's Mexican investments, General Motors will continue to push ahead with its own $800 million expansion south of the border.

GM's plans center around advancing its global small-car lineup, the large scale project will include a factory retooling in San Luis Potosi state in anticipation of building the new Chevy Equinox next year. The automaker has kept its Mexican plans quiet as it tried to avoid Trump's ire, and more importantly, solidify a labor agreement with the cantankerous Canadians.

"Big American companies are being cautious, they don't want to have issues with the presidential candidates," Mario Chacon, head of global business promotion at Mexico's foreign investment agency, told The Detroit News. "They're feeling repressed because anything they say can be used against them."

Despite the bluster, GM's cumulative $5 billion investment continues to roll on, and GM insists it isn't ashamed of it's international plans. "For competitive reasons especially as it relates to future product - the specific details behind the investments get rolled out as we deem appropriate,"Pat Morrissey, a spokesman for GM told the publication.

In other words, investments in Mexico haven't stopped, they've just stopped being talked about.