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gm supplier eligibility?

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1st off... thanks for any help or info you can provide! Hope this is in the right forum...

Does anyone know the requirements needed to meet the 'supplier' discount? Is it one of those things that if you do enough business with GM they consider you a supplier and then just automatically add you into the system? Or do you have to contact someone at GM or have some sort of agreement in order to be considered a 'supplier'?

I work for a small company that sells a product to various GM facilities and plants. We don't do business direct with GM Corp., just plants/shops that are interested in our product and use their own money. We do have a GM Vendor ID# but most often we are paid via 3rd party billing/contractors. We 'technically' do supply something to GM facilities, but does that alone qualify us as a 'supplier'?

Everything I've searched on seem to indicate that if you don't know it... you aren't, and don't qualify. We have had employees claim to use 'supplier' pricing before and it has grown as this rumor that we get it. Our HR person doesn't have a clue who to even call to get a company code. We aren't in the company list at We tried the 1-800 number at and they seem to not understand. i.e. I get the feeling we are to small of an account $$ to be considered anything.... which is very likely and quite reasonable, GM is huge and has MANY vendors worth more than us! I get the feeling that past employees have actually used certificates/vouchers from GM employees who use our product and were kind enough to give them a voucher.

Anyway, any info anyone has would be great. Or move to private message if the info really doesn't belong here.

BTW I'm not interested in a voucher (thank you if you were willing to give out one), I'm more interested in seeing if our company qualifies for this benefit.
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If your company doesn´t appear in the list at, then you don´t have the benefit now.
The suppier discount is offered by GM as part of the commercial agreement, so the salesperson in charge of the GM account should discuss this with the purchasing agent. They are the ones in charge of deciding if a company gets it or not.
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