To date, there are five complaints filed with NHTSA about the C8 Corvette's frank flying open at speed. After an investigation, GM doesn't think the issue is mechanical.

Asked by about the issue, GM responded that it was investigating reports of frunks "being inadvertently left open" while driving and that it would be looking for ways to avoid the issue in the future.

"We have not been able to identify any mechanical issues related this situation," GM told the forum. "We're looking at ways we can improve warnings of the hood being open by increasing the volume of warning chimes and changing the messaging that appears in the DIC."

GM also wrote that people who already have their Corvette will get the louder chime (or whatever the solution turns out to be) over the air. Complaints filed with NHTSA, though, seem to suggest that no warning was obvious until the cars were driving down the road.

Whatever the technical solution ends up being, it seems like it will be worthwhile for Corvette owners to make extra sure their frunks are closed before setting off down the road.