GM is facing a lawsuit for allowing racism within its Toledo, Ohio powertrain plant. Black workers report receiving numerous threats, which were racial and violent in content.

The plaintiffs in the suit describe receiving truly vile threats and fearing for their lives. One supervisor, interviewed by CNN, described being told by an employee that back in the day, an employee like him would have been buried with a shovel.

And the language only became more explicit from there. "White's [sic] Only" and "N****rs not allowed" were both scrawled on walls in the factory. Swastikas and five nooses were found around the plant.

The lawsuit surrounds GM's alleged failure to address the open racism and hostility. Marcus Boyd, who was told he would have been buried, brought it up to upper management and reports being told to let it go. Another white manager reportedly said that the nooses weren't threats because no black person who didn't deserve it ever got lynched.

GM, for its part, says it took the issue seriously and shut the plant down for a day to hold sensitivity training. Still, the issues continue and CNN reports receiving more images racist threats the day the story aired.