Ultium Cells, the company that GM and LG Chem formed together to manufacture battery cells for electric vehicles, is breaking ground on the future site for a battery plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

The site will produce the Ultium battery cells that will eventually go into the Cruise Origin, the Cadillac Lyriq (or whatever the production version is called), the GMC Hummer EV, and any other future electric GM products.

General Motors said in a statement that development work on its EVs and its autonomous vehicles has continued through the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also said that the electric products listed above remain on track for production timing and remains on track, though the reveal date for the Hummer has been pushed back to an as yet unspecified date.

The plant's location is a historically charged one. General Motors formerly had a plant there that produced the Chevrolet Cruze, but which was shut down, along with several other North American production locations, in 2018.

The plant has since been bought by Lordstown Motors, though no news has emerged from the location since then.