The heads of GM were in full-on presentation mode yesterday as they talked about the future of the company at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference. And as set decoration, the company decided to show off a number of unreleased concepts. 

The most noteworthy are certainly the electric pickup truck and SUV version of the Hummer. Both appeared in the background, so there isn't much to say about them except "hey lookie there!" But GM's EV plans do at least appear to be on the move.

Based on previous GM-authored reports, we do know that the company was planning to have a n electric pickup ready for production in 2021 with 400 miles of range. That's all in keeping with Ultium talk and a Silverado EV seems like a necessity at this point to compete with the electric F-150 that's on its way.

The pickup in the background of last night's presentation appears to share quite a bit in common with the design drawing released to Instagram by General Motors Design. With massive wheel arches and aggressive lighting, it should be a looker. 

The truck should be based on the same BT1 platform as the Hummer, which is good because GM just updated its aspirations on that to reach 450 miles per charge. It also means that the Silverado EV (for lack of an official name) could have access to the Hummer's party tricks, like crab mode. 

The brand also appears to have shown a smaller SUV. It may be Equinox-sized, which would be a handy market to get into given its popularity. A more affordable EV from GM would also be good, to allow it to compete with the likes of VW, which is looking to get a smaller SUV into buyers' hands for around 35 grand. Whether or not GM can sell an EV for that little will be interesting to see.