GM says they can see themselves restarting production in Russia sometime, someday.

Despite GM having no immediate plans in Russia, they do plan to retain important assets, "building blocks" as Euro boss, Karl-Thomas Neumann called them.

"We still have a dealer network for Cadillac and premium Chevrolet models, so never say never," he said in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Who knows what GM is thinking, Neumann hinting they're not quite sure either, "I would be very surprised if the brand we come back with is Opel."

GM will hold on to their mothballed manufacturing facility in St.Petersberg "If we sold it, the gain would only be short term and it doesn't cost us much to keep it."

GM's current strategy focuses on selling premium Chevys- Corvette, Camaro and Tahoe- imported from the U.S. But just in case the General wants to come back on a rainy day (or after a night at the bar) he'll leave a message every now and then.

"We tried to leave Russia in a way that we don't burn any bridges," Neumann said. "We wanted to be a good citizen and do it in a way such that we can look at each other in the eyes afterward."

Sounds like a booty call.