While GM is officially staying tight lipped about its monthly sales figures, the news they aren't sharing is apparently good, according to a Bloomberg report.

The report claims, citing anonymous sources, that sales rose 12% in May, beating the average analyst estimates.

Big pickups are allegedly to thank for the increase, with sales of the Sierra rising 10% and sales of the Silverado rising 23%, despite their coming replacements. That might have something to do with incentives, though, as Chevy outspent even FCA with average incentives of $5,800 in the first half of the month.

Despite all this good news, it must be said, GM is riding a wave of industry-wide strong sales. Most carmakers' sales beat expectations, as the economy remains strong.

By GM's own admission, though, monthly sales might paint too narrow a picture of the company's health, so we're waiting for the end of the next quarter to see what GM has to say about its sales.

[source: Bloomberg]