For all its old school pickups and pushrod V8s, GM can also be a remarkably future-facing company. A quick look at its back catalogue reveals a range of futuristic cars and concepts that came well before their time, and GM is digging into that history to whet your appetite for a future product.

The automaker's social media team is using the all electric police car from 1993's "Demolition Man" (or "GM Concept Catalogue, 1993" as the film is sometimes referred to) to get you ready for a "look into the future."
The car was based heavily on the GM Ultralite concept, a carbon fiber, hyper-miler. With a tiny three-cylinder engine and a curb-weight of just 1,400 lbs, the car could return up to 100 mpg (if you were willing to drive in the slow lane).

In the "Demolition Man" universe, though, the car was all electric and was badged as a Chevy.

Just what GM's modern day "look into the future" will be remains unknown, but it could have something to do with a recent trademark, uncovered by GM Inside News, for the AV1 nameplate.

When we first discovered the trademark application, we assumed that it was intended to harken back to the all-electric EV1 from 1996. That car was among the first modern mainstream EVs and returned really impressive speeds and battery range, albeit with much less reliability than today's electrics. 

While AV1 implies autonomous capabilities, rather than the ridiculously high MPG figures of the Ultralite or the electric propulsion of the EV1, we do know that GM and Cruise Automation have been working hard on an autonomous version of the Bolt that's set to become an important part of the automaker's future.

But GM could surprise us with something else entirely. They could finally announce that all restaurants will now be Taco Bell, as the movie predicted. I mean, with weed's widening legalization, it's only a matter of time.