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Its good to see that GM is really selling these cars, but I wana know how much of the sales are due to the massive rebates? I mean, you can pick up one of the base models for like 14k. Are they really that great of a car? My dad drives retal impy's and says he doesnt like them, but for the price you cant beat them. I guess if the impalla is selling well as a FWD car, 2 things could happen.
#1 Chevy keeps the impy FWD with the redesign next year to boost sales, and then GM introduces a larger, RWD/AWD sedan a year after that.
#2 Chevy moves the Impalla name up to a larger RWD/AWD sedan, and a FWD 4dr sedan gets a new name, like lumina, caprice, or something new.

I think bringing in new names right now is a good idea for Chevy. Cobalt replacing the cavi, but with trends in the Malibu, and Impalla showing that GM likes the old fashoned name plates. I can see a large RWD chevy sedan doing a great job for fleet sales like cop cars and such, and also as a great mid level luxury car for people that want a great car with luxury appointments, but for an affordable price. I think the malibu will do a good job, but the G6 will take a lot of the thunder from that field. In a recent mag, when they compared the Malibu to the Galant, Accord, and Camry it seemed to fair well in an all import group, but I think a longer more agile G6 will do better in this segment. Nicer, better flowing lines, and more power from teh 3.9.
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