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GM picks Chevy Volt battery maker

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GM picks Chevy Volt battery maker

JOLIET, Ill. — General Motors Corp. has decided on a battery maker for the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric vehicle, but it’s not saying who it is, yet, Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said today on the sidelines of a media event touting the automaker’s 2009 vehicle line.

Lutz said GM plans to announce the battery supplier by the end of the year and will show the production version of the much-anticipated electric-drive vehicle “fairly soon.”

GM is hoping to regain a solid reputation for technological leadership in the auto industry with the Volt, which is expected to drive 40 miles on an electric charge alone and about 400 using an onboard gasoline generator to recharge its lithium-ion battery.
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When did we see our first Camaro shots? Still waiting?
I hope you're correct, but I seriously doubt that GM will bring out the Volt in any significant 6 figure quantities before 2011.
It only depends on the battery maker ;)
Every single ad campaign GM has premiered on TV has the Volt concept featured on it. GM runs mules of Camaros.....and even lets journalists take a ride in them. GM showed the plug in Vue, as well as Chevy Cruze a full two years before its launch year. And lastly GM is throwing teaser shots, and blog updates of the Volt. No other company has shown their future product ass prominently as GM is right now. And because of this, speculation for these cars are high.

If that isn't hyping future product, then tell me what is.
Actually thats wrong, nearly all other companies have. VW even showed production spec of their upcoming 2011 Golf/Rabbit, something which GM hasn't done with any model yet.
The Golf you mentioned also goes on sale in Europe this winter, so its not a 2011 model.
2011 model in 2010.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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