A new patent from GM shows what could be an interesting new feature for the Corvette. One that might even explain the reported delays before the C8 car arrives for our viewing pleasure. Power-open doors, with an application drawing that sure looks like a Corvette.

The application was filed way back in June of last year, but it wasn't published until just last week. Maybe they were trying to hide it in the holiday lull? Well, it didn't work because it was found by the folks at MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.

The patent is for a system that controls the opening and closing of a power swinging door. This isn't just the power handle system of the current car that has seen some unfortunate owners locked inside, though.

It's an interesting patent, once you get through all the engineer-speak. There are features added like a method to measure and counteract the force of the wind blowing the door open. No ripping that long fibreglass door out of your the hand and slamming it into the car beside. Or bending it open. It can also detect the difference between a wind gust stopping it from opening and hitting a person or an adjacent car and not being able to open the door for that reason. It should be able to compensate for parking on hills too.

So what is the General planning on doing with the power door? Well, the patent drawing seems to be a C7 Corvette. And while that doesn't necessarily mean that the feature is destined for the next Corvette, it seems like an odd choice of drawing if it isn't. And the power-hungry door motors would help explain the reported electrical system delays to the C8. We guess this is just another Corvette rumor you'll have to wait and see.

[source: Midenginecorvetteforum.com]