Ever find yourself halfway through a corner wondering what's going on with your revs (or speed, or engine temp, or fuel, or etc) and find your view of the instruments blocked by the steering wheel? Well no longer shall your view be rudely cut off! says GM.

A recent patent application filed with the USPTO shows that GM is working on an adaptive instrument panel. In its application, GM argues that a constant view of the instruments is (excitingly) crucial during hard driving and (less excitingly) in autonomous vehicles.

Therefore, the new feature would take position information from the steering wheel and move relevant information (coolant temp, speed, etc) to a location (on what appears to be a digital dashboard) where the main opening of the steering wheel isn't obscuring it.

Seems pretty simply, though, the challenge will presumably be to make the information "dynamic" without being confusing. Particularly on a track (a leap that seems natural since the technology already kind of exists in competition) where the steering wheel will be moving quickly.

That seems to be a priority for GM, whose patent application illustrations show the cabin of a Corvette.

[source: Corvette Blogger, via GM Authority]