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Does anyone know if a small deisel is ever being considered at GM? You would think that with Izusu under its arm, gm costomers like us would be flooded with alternative engine options. Ford was at one time considering a smaller diesel.
The inline 4 gas in the colorado should get excellent mileage, but I would buy one(deisel) if it was the right price and was of good quality.
..Then again, I was only 10 years old when GM had the diesel problems in the early 80s, not old enough to own or drive one of those vehicles. I hear about it though, My dad used to own a truck with a 350 diesel, aparently, it was not a very good engine. It might be difficult to get people like him away from his trusty gas powered trucks (he is considering a new GMC with a D-Max, though, but it is a little more power than he needs)

I think a v6, around 4.0-4.5 liters with all of technological innovations that the duramax enjoys could command at least $1500 for an option, depending on the price of the truck, perhaps up to $2500 if offered on a full size truck. Especially if gas prices get as high next summer, and next year as they say. Diesel is comparably cheap around here-around $1.60 for deisel at every Exxon On The Tun, $1.75 for regular-----It is not even close to July 4th yet! Americans love trucks and SUVs, it would not be hard to make them less expensive to run, considering the increase of fuel stations carrying deisel fuel.

If you would consider any small duramax for a gm truck or suv, please post your thoughts or suggestions, perhaps folks at GM (I doubt that they will read this) will take notice.
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