GM is looking for more companies to buy in order to keep growing and advancing their autonomous vehicle operations.

The news has come from multiple General Motors execs, with both CEO Mary Barra and CFO Chuck Stevens saying that their purchases of Cruise Automation, and LIDAR company Strobe, aren't going to be the end of GM's buying spree.

Yesterday, following the release of third-quarter earnings statements Stevens told reporters "we have been actively looking at technology opportunities to enhance and speed the development, safely, of autonomous vehicles into the market."

Barra echoed the statement, saying that "this is fast-moving and we're going to look at what makes the most sense to allow us to go with speed, with safety and to deliver value."

According to Automotive News, Stevens said the company doesn't plan to spin off the mobility side of the company. "We believe that to be first at-scale - safely - the best approach to that is to continue the approach that we've taken by developing and integrating under one roof with Cruise Automation," he said.

Speculation about the move started as GM stock reached new highs, with GM's autonomous vehicle and mobility operations have been valued at up to $30 billion.