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Originally posted by pkd87@Mar 1 2004, 09:50 PM
I agree but Saturn attracts the imports so GM needs them
that's what saturn was supposed to do... but no one can tell me its been successful. at first people bought saturns because they were different and because of that no-haggle experience everyone was raving about years back. i think chevrolet (minus the cavalier but plus the cobalt) has a decent import fighter portfolio... much better than saturn these days.

if pontiacs were what pontiac says they are they'd be useful for sure. buick has, in my books, made a case for itself as of late (with the rendezvous, rainier, and lacrosse). GMC or chevy trucks... i'd flip a dime. cadillac stays put, of course. as does chevrolet... jack of all trades, and doing a fine job at that lately. and hummer's off in the corner glaring at everyone, so they're fine.
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