This is as much a clerical update as it is a scoop but since the concepts of electricity and Corvette in such close proximity, it felt worth mentioning.

GM has refiled to trademark the name E-Ray with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The name, about which we have no official details, but which causes the imagination to run, may soon still be applied to a vehicle. Perhaps one beginning with C and ending with orvette.

But let's not get too excited. GM first filed a trademark on the name in December of 2015. It had until August 1 to do something with the name before the trademark lapsed.

Now, five years is a long time and what may have seemed like a good idea then is looking like a great idea now. With the letters EV standing for en vogue these days, and GM increasingly interested in showing off its Ultium battery technology, not to mention just how much room there is near the Corvette's engine, GM may have a renewed interest in claiming the name.

Sadly, with a number of other EVs on the way, like the Hummer and the Lyriq, we likely won't see more, if anything, for a while.