Internal combustion may feel a little like it has falling out of fashion these days, but the truth, according to GM's president of global vehicle components Ken Kezler, is that they're here for the foreseeable future.

"It's not like we're leaving internal combustion engines behind -- we're working on both," said Kelzer at an industry event on Tuesday. "Everyone in the industry is working to make internal combustion engines more efficient."

That will come as good news to fans of GM's many superb engines, but may come as a surprise to those paying attention to GM's "zero emissions, zero-crash, zero congestion" plan for the future.

According to Kezler, though, the company is just hedging its bets. Looking forward towards a future that includes not just electric cars, but internal combustion vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, too.

"We're placing a bet on hydrogen, electrification, and we're still placing a bet on internal combustion," he said. "I think it's very dangerous to say you're all-in on one or the other. You've got to play all the cards."

So fans of the Camaro will have to learn to get along with fans of the Bolt, and vice versa.

[source: Automotive News]