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Me neither, however, I am now very fascinated by the Austin Champ. A Frumpy British Jeep from the post war years.

Very badly put together. I want one
Conversely the Champ was in fact a very high quality vehicle of advanced design, and unmatched capability in its genre

Featuring a bulletproof Rolls Royce engine, 5 speed gearbox, a unique fully independent suspension system, and capable of being fully immersed!
Perhaps the most handsome vehicle ever used by the British Army, the Champ is popular with collectors thanks to its history, reliability, and rugged looks. Source: Silodrome
A batch of 400 Champs also used in service by the Australian military from 1953 to well into the middle 1960s, which speaks to its quality, reliability and superior capability as ‘the Rolls Royce of 4wds’

An excellent Champ resource:
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