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I think there's more than just an out of date interior. I bought a loaded, 2 seat, LTZ just after they were introduced. I agree the interior's cramped and dated. I'm 6' 3", the outside of my right knee laid on console, that starts to hurt after about 50 miles. For an "intermediate" sized SUV milage sucked, particularly in town. I turned in a Suburban, you'd think I'd have been overjoyed. I don't remember numbers, but it just wasn"t that much better. A major, major gripe for me was that the second seat doesn't fold flat, it rests at about a 10 or 15 degree angle. so you've got about 3 feet, then it's uphill. Without shimming it, I couldn't even get a dog crate to sit flat. Plus loading anything of length was a pain in the a**. Irregardless of "PR" the I 6 engine is barely adequate for towing. I pull about 1750lbs of trailer and ATVs in the fall and I felt it really struggled. When just using it around town for errands it was nice and snappy. If that engine's so great why did they start offering a V8? The truck had 3 or 4 recalls while I had it. Minor issue, but they hid the trailer wire harness under the bumper (some "shooter" probably thought it was ugly. I hope he had to hook up in the wet, cold or mud with that da** thing!) I must be one of those people marketing dreads, I use an SUV as a SUV. I'm a GM salaried retiree, I don"t know what is offered by competion. I disliked it enough to trade '02 for '02 (Z71 Tahoe a REALLY GREAT SUV!) and I lost a lot of money. It's the only time in my life I ever done that, I'm fortunate that I could. One other small issue, the vacuum hose came loose causing the engine to "hump", one more trip to the dealer. So at least to me , I think some of the decline was inevitable.
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