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The Envoy and Ranier are the only interiors I like on these. Layoffs tell me people are not buying trucks with skyrocket gas prices. In my area small cars are selling like crazy and sport utes are pilled up everywhere! Not sure if it is that way elsewhere. These sport utes need some updates as stated. Brakes are weak, a 5 speed auto should have been offered from day one, along with side curtain air bags and a nicer Chevy interior. The Buick is the best but it is very expensive. The elimination of some standard equipment on the Chevy and GMC is not a good thing either. I mean power mirrors should be mandatory on these big rigs, not manual ones that you have to open the windows to move! And the space that used to hold the overhead console looks bare. The engines and interior room and space are the best parts of this chassis.
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