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GM Haults CVT Production

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Auto News is reporting that General Motors has stopped production of its Continuously Variable Transmisision (CVT). The CVT uses belts and pullies to adjust ger ratios to optimize performance and efficiency, while improving fuel economy. The CVT has been installed in at least 82,000 vehicles, though GM estimates it to be over 100,000. The CVT has been available in the Saturn VUE and the Saturn ION at a $1,900 and a $900 surcharge respectively. GM is not reacalling any cars that have been sold with CVTs or any vehicles that are on Saturn Dealers lots, however GM has stated that there was a manufacturing problem with the CVTs (not design or engineering problem). Consumers have been complaining that their vehicles that have the CVT are slow to launch and are nervous to stop. GM says that only a small percentage of CVTs are affected and that no harm would be done to the customers who purchased the CVT equppied vehicles. It is unknown wheter or not, the CVT will be produced ever again, but reports say that it probably will. GM has said that the CVT would be applicable to any vehicle equupied with a Ecotec engine, which includes SAABs, Vauxhauls and Opels.

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Originally posted by bigals87z28@Feb 23 2004, 05:27 PM
there is a 5spd auto for the Vue, and we dont use this on all the cars that need it, like the malibu?
with any new technology (this is GM's first CVT, i believe) there has to be some real-world data to determine whether or not it is well recieved / accepted, and whether or not it suits real-world drivers. saturn was probably a test-bed for the CVT's, and if they work out i'm sure they'll expand to other GM divisions... though it sounds like perhaps they're not ready for action yet.
i guess i can understand the advantages of CVT... but i wouldn't want one. when forced to drive an automatic, i like a smooth-shifter, but also want to feel the difference between gears. like if you wanna pull out and pass... i wanna know i'm solidly in gear. i guess a properly operating CVT is designed to keep you in EXACTLY the right 'gear'... but it somehow doesn't inspire me. i suppose CVT might be nice for those who'd like perfectly seamless shifting. i wanna know what my car is doing though!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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