GM is getting prepared to debut a crazy-looking fuel cell-powered military vehicle.

Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development andEngineering Center (TARDEC), the vehicle, which isn't being called a concept, will be based on the Chevrolet Colorado and will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The SUV will be used to test how the military can use alternative energy sources to power vehicles that are quieter, more fuel efficient, can generate power and water, and provide plenty of low-end torque for off-roading. GM is also hoping the R&D put into this vehicle will help the american automaker achieve its plans of producing a commercial fuel cell system by 2020.

From the teaser image, we can see the vehicle will look aggressive and rugged with a high groundclearance, huge knobby off-road tires, a low roofline and thin headlights. We can also make out a small truck bed.

The vehicle, which hasn't been named yet, will debut in October, and the Army intends to test it out in 2017. No specs for the vehicle have been revealed yet.