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I think also the thing we tend to forget right now is that alot of the current 2003 GM products are going to be replaced soon in 2004-2005 plus Gm hopes to increase sales of companies such as SAAB, Hummer and Caddilac in the very near future buy bringing in a boat load of new models in. I truely don't us gaining much steam till the end of 2004 to be honest. By then we have the STS, HHR, Colbalt, Malibu Maxx, G6, C-6, H-3, Solistice, and a slew of other very promising cars to the table.

We also have to realize that GM will soon buy Fiat *and some other choice European cars comp. that go with it* and once that happens I really don't think that Toyota has even the slightest chance to ever be the #1 auto company.

And to those that think that the Japanese auto companies build better cars, just work as a mech. or detailer or anything related to working with vast amounts of different cars and you will quickly notice that the domestics are on par with the imports. The worst build quility I've seen lately are diffenitly the new Nissans especially the Maxima. Working as a detailer you really get to see the ins and outs of the car and man did they ever throw that Maxima together. Same for the Quest :rolleyes: .
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