The Hong Guang MINI EV, a two-door micro EV launched by GM and its local partner, SAIC Motor Corp, has become the most sold EV in China.

Last month, the group sold more than 15,000 of the micro EVs, reports Reuters. That's compared to Tesla's 11,800 sales. Tesla was the second-best-selling brand in the market, the world's largest market.

The Hong Guang MINI EV's sales success may have something to do with its price. At just 28,800 yuan it costs the equivalent of just $4,200. That's less than 10% the price of a Tesla Model 3, which costs about 291,800 yuan (~$42,500).

As a result of the low price, the Hongguang MINI EV doesn't have specs quite as impressive as a Tesla's. With a range of between 75 and 106 miles, the EV is more of a city car than the Model 3.

Its size, too, is better suited to small local trips than long-distance cruising. Despite that, it still has enough seating for four and 741 liters (26 cu ft, or just one cubic foot less than a Spark) of cargo with the back seats down.

You won't be blowing away the competition because its top speed is 62 mph.