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GM cutting 5,100 white-collar workers in Canada, U.S.

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The Associated Press:

A General Motors Corp. official says the automaker plans to cut 15 per cent of its U.S. and Canadian salaried work force — about 5,100 jobs — by Nov. 1.

The official declined to confirm the specific numbers Wednesday but indicated they were generally accurate. The official asked not to be named because the company had not planned to release the numbers until later.

GM had said in mid-July it would cut white-collar costs in the U.S. and Canada by more than 20 per cent, but it wouldn't say how many workers would leave.

GM president and chief operating officer Fritz Henderson said at the time the company hoped most of the cuts would be made through attrition, retirements and buyout offers.
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Well I hope for my dad's sake that they are able to get most people out through attrition, retirements and buyout offers, and don't have to dig too deep into the "younger" workforce. IDK, though, 5K employees is a lot.
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