French investigators have cleared Opel of possible emissions fraud.

The French Finance Ministry announced earlier today that its consumer fraud agency has concluded its investigation into Opel, having found no "facts constituting an infraction of fraud." As part of a larger investigation, Opel, along with Volkswagen, Renault, Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot Citroen came under scrutiny for the use of "defeat device" and emission control software which allowed the cars to pass emissions testing but pollute more during normal use.

However, the DGCCRF did find evidence of fraudulent emissions controls in VW, Renault, FCA and PSA's vehicles and subsequentyly submitted to documents to French courts. It's unclear if France will take the companies to trial.

The news is a mixed blessing for PSA--which said it had never equipped its cars with defeat devices or software-- after agreeing earlier this month to purchase Opel and Vauxhall from General Motors.