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DETROIT - General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM) this month unveils a new national advertising campaign to support its GM Certified Used Vehicles business. Created by Mullen of Wenham, Mass., the new magazine ads are set to debut the week of October 27 in newsweekly publications and in December in monthly publications. Supporting new national network, local and Hispanic radio advertising broke in mid-September.

The campaign is designed to help GM Certified Used Vehicles reach sales of 400,000-plus units this year, maintaining its position as the top-selling certified brand in the United States. Last year, GM Certified Used Vehicles tripled sales to 325,000, the second consecutive year in which it tripled its total sales.

"Our new ad campaign breaks the mold for used vehicle advertising," said Jeff Heichel, GM Director, Used Vehicle Activities. "Awareness of certified used vehicles is now at slightly more than 50 percent among used-vehicle shoppers, and we need to continue to educate customers on the benefits of buying a certified used vehicle before they visit a dealer. Our new advertising uses a light-hearted approach to reinforce that GM Certified is the smartest choice for their next used vehicle purchase because it is the alternative that delivers assurances and value."

Designed to boost consumer awareness of the benefits of certification, the new creative work promotes the ease and confidence associated with the purchase of a GM Certified Used Vehicle and assures consumers that GM Certified is the affordable and reliable alternative to buying a traditional, non-certified used vehicle.

With an innovative approach that differentiates the GM Certified brand in the certified used category, the print campaign uses humor to illustrate the value of making a good decision. Humorous situations - a large man wearing a thong swimsuit, a camper petting a skunk, a person purchasing sushi from a street vendor - depict the "bad decision," while GM Certified Used Vehicles featured in the ads represent the "good decision."

The magazine print ads highlight key GM Certified Used Vehicles benefits, including a three-day/150-mile customer satisfaction guarantee, 100-plus point inspection, and three-month/3,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty. The campaign retains the existing tagline: "The Right Way. The Right Car."

The network and spot radio ads convey the same theme with a slightly different tact, using the "GM Center for Good Decision-Making" to position GM Certified Used Vehicles as an advocate for consumers, ensuring that shoppers make the smartest decision.

"Consumers want to feel empowered and confident they're making a good, smart decision," said Brad Audet, Senior Vice President/Account Director at Mullen. "The new creative work addresses consumer concerns about purchasing a used vehicle by positioning GM Certified as a better decision."

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This is great news. The GM Certified Used Vehicle program is definitely a good one.

The biggest selling point is that it is a -GM- program, meaning that it can be honored at any GM dealership, that it has -zero- deductable; and if a vehicle has remaining factory warranty, it is applied -after- the factory warranty. Also, the vehicle has to have a -clean- title history to qualify.

Not all GM dealerships participate in GM Certified Used sales, because it costs them more for each vehicle, but it is a great deal for the customer.

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