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This deal is going to be annouced this weekend (Oct 25-26) - next weekend (Nov 1-2) at the latest, some interesting headlines today to go with the Aspen/Durango closing and Cruze/Malibu delays.......

Chrysler has multiple bids on Viper businessReuters Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:03pm

Stocks Sink on Fears of Global Recession
Reuters 10/24/08 - 01:46 PM EDT

Tata, Mahindra interested in Hummer book - source
Reuters Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:19pm

GM extends shutdown of Delaware assembly plant
Friday October 24, 3:40 pm ET
GM extends shutdown of Delaware assembly plant due to sagging demand for 2-seat roadsters

GM shares fall sharply as global markets swoon
Friday October 24, 2:06 pm ET
GM shares fall sharply as global markets swoon, talks with Cerberus linger in background

Chrysler to cut 25 percent of salaried work force
Friday October 24, 12:19 pm ET
By Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer
Chrysler to cut about 5,000 salaried jobs, warns more restructuring ahead as slump continues

Best way to all articles is through Yahoo Finance under GM stock quote "Headlines" section

Not that I am a fan of this merger, but this global recession is going to be deep and unless the U.S. does something drastic to stabilize the U.S. manufacturing base like ensure a GM-Chrysler tie up the entire global economy will crash and crash hard.

The one thing we have learned in the last 10 months is that the U.S. remains the "Engine of the World Economy" and that the U.S. must stabilize, then grow it's manufacturing base to between 30%-50% of GDP if it is going to effectively "pull" the global economy. Yes, I know a GM-C merger will result in job losses and that is tragic and I do feel for those affected but the U.S. automakers must get rid of the overcapacity that has plauged them for years and with the government's help in low interest loan cash and good long term jobs for those who are affected it can work - the shame is we have put ourselves into the position of needing the governments help to do this.
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