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This gives me the deja vu back to when GM kept saying Pontiac or was it Cadillac was going to surpass BMW.

Hey Mary quit worrying about what Tesla is doing and focus on making GM the best it can be regardless of what your competition is doing.
I hear what you're saying, big swede, and largely agree, with a slight proviso.

I actually don't mind that MB is placing GM's performance in the context of a competitor, as it has many times over the past four decades since it really ceded much of it sales, much of its reputation, much of its luster to its rising, "hungrier" competitors. I guess the concern for me in her making these statements rests in the reality that she makes them with impunity, so much so, that people within the Company likely take a more relaxed approach to these goals. I know people believe Ultium is the ultimate in EV powertrains. I know the more obsequious among us believe that the rise of GM in BEV's is inevitable. But somehow I cannot forget that similar-sounding prophesying about vehicles that sounded equally promising in their respective markets never really lived up to the hype in some important way. Hence, we have a once-glorious American automaker relegated to a somewhat forgettable regional player.

I know am not alone in this sentiment, and I think that explains in part the reasonable skepticism people experience when listening to MB speak to GM's certain domination of BEV's. We'll see.
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