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It took one brave little woman to take the tough decisions like cut the huge loss making cancer like the $25 billion bunch of losers at Opel Group something men failed never had the guts to do before, Mary was quite firm shipped a boat load of cash $4.5 billions worth of Silverado profits over to Opel's R & D design team for new models, letting the know they were in last chance saloon, Opel promised they would be highly profitable in a few years you just wait as see same old **** n' bull story lost count of how many time Opel had promised it. True to form Opel carried losing $1.5 billions every year with big drops in market share every year

Carlos Tavares was totally shocked with the can of worms want to take GM to court over it, once he got the books delved deeper into the Opel Group he had purchased on how well Opel were being run found it cost twice as much to produce Opel in Germany as equivalent Citroen/Peugeot car model by a French workers, so he set about slashing Opel's expensive to employ German staff something GM has been running scare of doing for decades in Detroit.

Magna had a go at buying Opel Group when GM were in Chapter 11 bankrupt, they to opened a can of worms found a massive pension deficit of $8 billions back out of the deal,GM looked at closing Opel down it would have cost £11 billions with the pension scheme liabilities and the massive redundancy package strong German car unions were facing at the time, in Chapter 11 GM did not have the money to do that, so they kept Opel on losing $1.5 billion a year, Opel were kept on by the virtue they were totally useless, cost to much to shut down get rid of.
And Bailed before reaping the rewards of her efforts.

From 2009 - GM Europe Sale, Losses were getting smaller quickly. And there still is no clear picture of how much Opel, Vauxhall R+D $$$$'s made it to NA or China. A Global Company can make any region look Great or Dismal, depending on How it wants to look.

PSA didn't have any trouble turning a profit.
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