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Vehicles get a workout on new track
Cars and drivers challenged
Randy Conat

Milford, Michigan — (06/14/04)-- General Motors engineers and designers have a new tool to help them create high performance cars.

The company already has a small test track in Arizona. But this new course in southeast Michigan will really determine if the cars are going to hold up in everyday life.

It's intense. You're really focusing. Fun doesn't exactly enter into it. Perhaps before and afterwards, but you're really there to do a job," said Adam Dean, of the GM Performance Division.

GM recently completed a new road course at its Milford Proving Grounds in Oakland and Livingston Counties. This track is where they'll put high performance cars through their paces.

"We also use the course for endurance development, meaning you're putting the car under high loads for a very extended period of time," explained Rick Kewley, also with the GM Performance Division.

GM doesn't test all of its models on Milford Road Course. Dean says only the pick up the fleet get picked up. "Corvettes, all of our Cadillac line up, most of our Pontiac line up are evaluated out here for their high performance capabilities," he said.

Article and VIDEO here

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