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GM Card Bonus

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Well tripower it looks like the yearly Jan 4th start of the bonus is back. Mine is $500.
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Were you forced into the new "Rewards" program or still operating within the original 5% "Earnings" program?
I'm confused. It's both. Doesn't everyone with the standard GM card have both the Rewards and Earnings listed separately in the web console?
When I login to the rewards site, I show the new rewards points available (earn, redeem, history). Scroll down further and it shows "Already have a GM Card™, GM Extended Family Card™ or GM Business Card" Edit or Link card to show the earnings. When you click on manage earnings, it sends you to the old gmcard site that shows the redemption limits, etc.
If they removed my redemption limits, i'd buy a car tomorrow, and maybe cancel it after that. GM has me for one more purchase at least. I rarely charge to the GM card anymore as there is more accessible value for example on my Amazon card. Almost everything except the full size SUVs ($70-80k) are capped at 1k now.
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