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Originally posted by Sohl@Jun 8 2004, 02:13 PM
I had a `91 Regal Grand Sport Coupe. It was a really nice driving car for long distance. I did have repeated problems with the power window on one side, and the in-dash CD player and other I.P. bits had some electrical gremlins. But I traded it in just under 100K miles with absolutely no engine or trans problems. I liked how the coupe styling was very unique and combined sportiness with elegance. Farewell, Regal.
yeah, good call. the 2-door regal has such nice proportions. i really like the nose. and the rear and back window treatment. some even had 4 bucket seats (and 4-seater badging!). in a few decades i could see it being a 'classic' (other than vettes and F-bodies and the RWD impala, i don't know what else will be). okay maybe classic isn't the word... but i hope it still has a comfy spot in history and a few loyal fans in 2050!
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