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killing the regal was the wrong thing to do kill the century...the century didnt make the buick name the regal did...killing the regal is a mistake if i was in charge of the production i wouldve killed the century keep the regal for another yr or 2 or redesign it for 2006 with the caddy sts frame and build a new version of the malibu G6 frame for the low cost century replacement..

Sorr..but the Regal has been around since 1973, the Century dates back to 1936, so I would say that the Century has a longer history with Buick. The Century was Buicks performance car in the 1950's, combining the smaller and lighter Buick Special Body with the larger engine from the Buick Roadmaster. The Regal, for the most part, was an extension of the Century line when it was introduced in 1973, it was a nicer coupe version of the base Century.

I dont think that the current Buick Regal and STS are in the same category, so I am a little lost as to why you would like to move the $25-30,000 Buick Regal on to the the platform of a car that costs $40-60,000?

Either way....though I liked both the Regal and the Century nameplate, I am not really that upset that the names are going away, new cars, new names, this has been the tradition for many years, only long running names like "Corvette" "DeVille" and "Mustang" have been some of the long term names, but other names come and go, its the nature of the business.

I asked on the forum a while ago, if Buick should consider doing a car based on the Epsilon platform, I thought that it would be a good idea, something on the lower end to fill the gap under the LACROSSE.
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